Make A Statement

The Timber Barn can design a beam layout that will turn design challenges into appealing architectural elements.

Our box beams are a versatile choice for any non-structural application, whether you’re renovating your current home or building a new one.

Achieve form and function, cover bulkheads, ductwork, and structural elements while bringing the warmth of real wood into your home.

Whether you are going for sleek and modern, rustic cottage, or something in between, real wood box beams can add character to any room.

Photos below include a variety of solid timber and box beam mantels.


While Douglas Fir is a time-honoured choice, lending authenticity to the design, box beams can be made out of virtually any species and combined with a variety of different textures to suit your home. Smooth, rough, band sawn, or hand hewn, no matter your personal style, we can create something that will fit.

We offer an extensive range of stain colours to coordinate with your colour scheme, and we are always available to consult with if you’re having trouble choosing the perfect one.

You can also choose paint grade options to match more classic interiors.


Every beam is custom manufactured in our Elmira shop and made to your specifications to ensure our beams will stand the test of time in your home which includes contouring the beams to the uneven surfaces in your space. Our craftsmen build a virtually seamless joint, and once the beams are installed, it’s nearly impossible to tell that they aren’t solid.

There’s more than meets the eye!

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Digging Deep To Understand Your Style

“From the first steps with the designer who digs deep to understand your style to the quality of craftsmanship in the custom-built product to the care at installation to follow-up when it's done.”

L Roslan-Cormier